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Széchenyi Resting Card
Széchenyi Resting Card
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement contains the aranyapartman.hu operated by the operator, http://aranyapartman.huas part of websites and services available under domain names and subdomains, rules on the processing of personal data, and information on data management.

The aranyapartman.hu By accepting use, users agree to be bound by the terms of this statement.
This privacy statement is available at all times at aranyapartman.hu in the footer on each side.

Person of the data controller

The aranyapartman.hu using, In respect of personal data processed in connection with its services, the operator shall be the controller. Personal data handled by the operator can only be accessed by the operator.

Data management information

The aranyapartman.hu browsing and downloading, registration is possible without providing personally identifiable information. However, the use of some of the available services is subject to the provision of personal data. During registration, the operator shall clearly indicate the mandatory data.
The mandatory information may be, in particular, the following:

  • name
  • username
  • e-mail address
  • website address
  • phone call
  • password

The user can, of course, make such a decision, that you do not want to provide certain information, however, this may result, that the user may not be able to use certain services. The provision of data, so it is voluntary for registration, and the legal basis for the processing is the prior consent of the data subject.

The operator will sometimes record certain when using the service without registration, personal information related to users. The duration of the processing of personal data extends to the duration of the legal relationship with the given user, after which period the relevant user, the data entered by him will be deleted. In addition, the user can request registration, and / or delete your data.

Managing website traffic data

The individual data and IP addresses of the service's user computers generate website traffic data, they are logged to ensure the proper operation of the service. This data is considered personal data in some cases. Statistics are kept on log files and log files are stored for up to one year. The IP addresses of the users are not linked to any other data by the operator, which would allow the user to be identified.

Placing “cookies” and “web beacons”, its goal

When using some parts of the service, the operator is small, data files that also contain data that cannot be directly contacted by the user (cookie) installs a data entry on the user's computer, user identification, to facilitate further visits by the user, increase the efficiency of the service, for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising or other targeted content or market research to a particular user.
The data transferred to the operator as a result of the use of the data files is not linked by the operator to the identification data of the given user.

The user has the following options for cookies in their browser:

  • you can set, to be notified, if the operator wants to place a cookie on your computer,
  • you can block the sending of cookies at any time.

It should be emphasized in this context, that not accepting cookies will result in it, that certain pages or features may not work properly in this context, as well as possible, that the user is not authorized to access certain data.
In addition to the cookies placed by the operator, third parties may install data files on the user's computer. This may be the case, for example, when a user visits another website as part of a service.
For the above purposes, a third party web beacon is provided on the operator's website (in other words web bug) you can insert.
The user does not have the ability to do so, to disable the download of web bugs - unlike cookies - in your browser.

Purpose of data management efficient provision of the service, related notifications, troubleshoot operational issues, settlement of disputes, providing more accurate advice and quotes, direct business acquisition.
The latter shall be provided by the operator only with the consent of the data controller for this purpose, during its duration, or until the withdrawal of the consent.

Interest-based advertising and the DoubleClick DART cookie

“A DoubleClick DART cookie-t is used by Google for ads on sites that display AdSense for content ads.
When users visit an AdSense publisher site, and even view an ad, they even click on an ad, a cookie may be placed in the end user's browser.
The data collected from such cookies is used by the system, to help AdSense publishers better serve and manage ads on their sites and on the web. ”
(Source: Google.com - Adsense Help)

  1. A Google, as an external supplier uses cookies to display advertisements on aranyapartman.hu.
  2. The DART cookie used by Google allows it, to display advertisements to users based on their visits to aranyapartman.hu and other places on the Internet.
  3. Users may disable the use of the DART cookie at By visiting the Google Advertising and Content Network Privacy Policy.

Aranyapartman.hu cannot use any data contained in cookies, it is used exclusively by Google to better target interest-based advertising. Use of User Information Collected from the Site isprivacy policy compliance. The information will not be used by Google to identify you personally, and will not display ads based on personal information. On confidential data or interest categories (pl. species, religion, sexual orientation, health or confidential financial categories) will only display ads based on the user's prior consent.

Adaptavábbítások, third party data management

  • In the absence of an express legal provision from the operator, only disclose personally identifiable information to third parties with the express consent of that user. The same is true for data that has been managed by the operator using data files. The communication of certain personal data to third parties may also take place in the following cases:
  • In connection with suspicious or infringing activities detected as part of the Service, the operator is entitled to send or publish notices or notices, even using the data of each user.
  • Specific parts of the service (for example, displaying advertisements, compiling attendance statistics) the operator may, if necessary, do so with its contractual partners.
    In such cases, it may occur, that certain user data may be transferred to such contractual partners. However, such a contractual partner is bound by professional secrecy. In accordance with the principle of voluntariness, these contractors may only collect user data in their own right and for their own purposes with the consent of each user., in accordance with the law and the individual or company’s own privacy statement.
  • The operator cooperates with the investigative authorities and the courts in dealing with infringements committed within the framework of the service. (such as fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights) to detect and sanction, and executes requests for data based on a statutory provision.

Final provisions

Exercise of rights, remedy


Users have the right to manage their personal data, request information on the use of m.aranykukact-onlineponthu email address.


That user, who feels, that the operator has violated his right to the protection of his personal data, you can enforce your claim in a civil court, or you can ask for the help of the Data Protection Commissioner. That's it, as well as detailed legal provisions on the obligations of the data controller on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest 1992. year LXIII. law.


Operated by users as part of the service, available- or disclaims any responsibility for the information published and transmitted.
If the operator becomes aware of it, that the user discloses the personal data of another person in the use of the service in a manner that violates the rights of a third party or the law, use publicly available or unlawfully obtained personal or other data within the service in a manner that violates the rights or laws of third parties or otherwise violates the provisions of this privacy statement or causes damage during the use of the service, the operator shall take the necessary steps to compensate for the damage, or to be held legally liable.


A aranyapartman.hu reserves the right to amend this privacy statement.

  • 2013. november 10.
  • aranyapartman.hu (service provider, operator)

Our services
Széchenyi Resting Card
Széchenyi Resting Card
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
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