While searching for hydrocarbonates, a 73 0C thermal spring, with a healing power that was proved shortly afterwards, was found 1091 metres below the surface. It was Pávai Vajna Ferenc, a distinguished geologist, the ‘father’ of our thermal water, who is to be thanked for finding this wonder of nature that has been supporting mankind for more than seventy years now.


This brownish, velvet-like, hot treasure of the Earth’s depths had flood nearby surface dents and ditches and local people soon began to bathe and wash their clothes in it.


And the amazement did not stop. They soon realised that the water simply performed miracles.


Wounds eased faster and rheumatic ills eased.Tourists and hundreds of thousands of people who want to recover come to the biggest spa of Hungary. It really is a paradise for holidaymakers, ” the Mecca of rheumatics “. Year by year many return to be reborn in the spa complex, which is lying on a 30 hectare field. The building of the thermal indoor spa was completely rebuilt by 1999.

It was transformed into a modern two-storey building with a new entrance. On the left from here you can find three new consulting rooms, further down you can find the stairs and the elevator, then gyms and treatment rooms. We also have four new pools in which new attractional services help visitors to recreate.

You can walk round these pools in broad corridors and it is very easy to reach and find everything within the building.The Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa attractss not only the sick people. In summer times the open air pools are the winners.The 30 hectare land open its gates from 1st of May – to 30th of September. Thousands of visitors refresh theirselves in 13 pools, like billow, bubble bath pool, children’s pool and other attraction pools. In May and in September we have less then 13 pools filled with water, depending on the number of our visitors.

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