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Széchenyi Resting Card
Széchenyi Resting Card
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
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Start the year with a splash!

The winter is cold, and the variability of this winter in particular is putting most of us to the test. The older generation is most affected by the constantly moving front transit, but even the younger ones can get tired of this unwanted whimsy. If only for a weekend, but it is also worth installing a small spa at the beginning of the year, wellness and swimming!

The town of Hajdúszoboszló is mainly known for its famous spa. It is no accident, that the city attracts young and old in all seasons. And the Golden Apartment is the perfect accommodation for everyone, who wants to relax.


The medicinal water of Hajdúszoboszló is famous far and wide. Not by accident. He knew? The water under the city is actually five times diluted seawater, which, in addition, has a beneficial effect on those suffering from joint and muscle pain. As a result of the renovation in 2002, it is now modern, everyone can heal themselves in comfortable conditions, who need it - using various medical packages.

Family-friendly programs for children and parents

However, the modern spa complex located a few minutes from the Arany Apartman offers refreshment not only for them, who seek healing for their physical afflictions. A gyógyfürdő melletti télen-nyáron látogatható adventure pool mind a családoknak, it has a real wellness experience and a lot of excitement for both young couples.

Az Aqua Palace-ban külön szinten játszhatnak a kids. Here the needs of parents and the desires of the little ones are also met! And on the ground floor are eight, there is a themed pool, where everyone can find what they like. In addition, slides and various active programs entertain the little ones and the big ones.

Cultural programs

Although Hajdúszoboszló is actually a spa town, the Golden Apartment is not only used by bathers as accommodation. For many returning guests the comfort and tranquility of the apartment, and cultural programs attract you here. To name just a few of the events in February:

February 2: Supernem anniversary concert

February 7: You have a life! Lecture by Imre Csernus

February 12: Carnival operetta gala

February 16: New Level Empire koncert

If you want a meaningful relaxation, have fun in Hajdúszoboszló, and relax in the Arany Apartman!