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Széchenyi Resting Card
Széchenyi Resting Card
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
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She likes to go hiking? You will feel good in and around Hajdúszoboszló!

Arany Apartman is located in the central part of Hajdúszoboszló: close enough to all attractions, but still in a quiet environment. Families, an excellent place to relax for young and old alike. And the city itself is full of recreational opportunities. We won't be bored in the fall either! We’ve put together some exciting programs, which will surely interest you.

Mantis fishing pond

The still beautiful autumn weather is not just for those obsessed with fishing, but family members, friends can also have fun on the lake shore. While Dad is waiting for the big catch, the others can cook lunch or even bake bacon, as it is also possible to light a fire. The fish house has a snack bar and a fishing shop, where we can even rent a stick. Most of the dense fish stock in the lake is carp, Amur, crucian, bream and compo make up. It's worth driving a little, The lake is less than four kilometers from Hajdúszoboszló and Arany Apartman.

Walk from statue to statue

During a walk in Hajdúszoboszló, we can not only spend time with our loved ones, but in the meantime we can also get to know the built sights of the city. If we walk from statue to statue, then we can admire such masterpieces, such as the first, and World War II memorial, Statue of Bálint Harsányi or Pál Gönczy. While walking with children, with young people about our history, we can also talk about our national heroes. A real cultural program can develop from the autumn trip.

Squirrel Adventure Adventure Park

With children, it couldn’t be more exciting to relax during a fall break or a family weekend, than what an amusement park means! In addition, adults face real challenges here, as there are games for all ages! On the tracks created in a natural environment, everyone will find an opportunity that challenges them. All children, both adult- and keep yourself and your loved ones safe on slides, using our special protective equipment.

Do not hesitate! Book your accommodation in the Golden Apartment today, and relax in Hajdúszoboszló in the autumn as well!