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Széchenyi Resting Card
Széchenyi Resting Card
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
Organizing a trip to Transylvania for our guests
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Summer is here, here is the beach- and festival season!

Summer is a favorite season for many, and not by accident! This is the period of school holidays and holidays. This is when many of us have the opportunity to travel longer, for gaining experience and of course for that, to be with them, who we love. For most families, the greatest experience is sunbathing, bathing means - why not spend your vacation in one of the most popular spa towns in Hungary?

You can't just swim here, but we can also have various cultural experiences during the summer. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone can find the right opportunities to relax. The Arany Apartman is an ideal place to stay, since all important places are quickly accessible from us, and our quiet suites and rooms are the perfect place to relax.

The spa complex in Hajdúszoboszló can be reached in a few minutes, if you book accommodation with us!

In the summer we will not only have the opportunity to enjoy a full bath, since music-dance animationsThey will also entertain us! Every Saturday in June, 16 From now on we can see the shows in the traditional part of the beach. (Dates: June 15. 22. and 29.)

Concert period throughout June!

Those who love festivals, they will not be disappointed this year either. Hajdúszoboszló starts the summer with a series of concerts. Let's see the June offer!

Mother-concert: June 20.

The renovated outdoor stage will be handed over on May 19th. Lovers of light music can party with the popular Majka the next day, not to be missed, if you are resting in Hajdúszoboszló!

Night solstice concert: June 22.

In Hajdúszoboszló we celebrate the shortest night of the year by tradition. It won't be any different this year: orchestra of the artists of the Madács Theater, it will lead everyone to Honey tonight, who likes to watch. We are waiting for everyone on the Outdoor Stage!

Certificate party: June 28-30.

We welcome the summer season in Hajdúszoboszló with the multi-day concert series. The venue is again the Outdoor Stage, where he performs in the three days of 30Y, the Tamás Kovács Band and the Smith Rock Family, and Gergő Dánielfy and the Travelers Orchestra.

If you like to combine meaningful entertainment with summer bathing, Hajdúszoboszló and the Golden Apartment are the ideal choices. Book your accommodation with us today!